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For the health of it

Let's Get Healthy

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This is a community for members who are interested in becoming healthier. Whether you are comtemplating weight loss surgery or have had weight loss surgery, or if you are/or want to currently lose weight by healthy dieting this is the place for you. We are here to support you, help you when you are on a dieting plateau, give tips and ideas for easier ways to follow your new lifestyle. This is a place to make friends, support loved ones who are trying to have a healthier life. Do you have lowfat recipes to share? Clothing that is too big that you may like to sell/or give to someone else who could use it? Are you proud because you found out you lost 20 LBS? Then let us know about it. Celebrate life and health and feel better about yourself. Everyone is welcome.

Please fill out the short questionaire so we can find out more about you. You must join the community to become a member. Your moderators onesexiladee or heatherdmac will accept all new members. Any questions or comments feel free to contact us. Have fun be kind to all and lets get healthy!!


1. Why do you want/need to become healthier?
2. How much do you want to lose or have already lost?
3. How long have you been overweight?
4. Do you have someone(s)who are supporting your healthier lifestyle?
5. Have you had or ever considered having weight loss surgery?
6. Do you exercise or following an exercise plan and what do you do?
7. What diet plan are you currently following?
8. If you feel comfortable please tell us your weight and size. (No one will judge you.)