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Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 06:48 am My answers


1. Why do you want/need to become healthier?

I dont want my children to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. I want to live longer and healthier to enjoy my family. Also Im getting married next year and trying to get work overseas, and I want to adapt to the climate quicker

2. How much do you want to lose or have already lost?

Ive lost about 10kgs and want to lose another 10kgs. I dont really weigh myself, but my clothes get loose or tight, depending on how active I am. Cos I do lots of weights I tend to lose weight (muscle) when Im not exercising much, and put on a few kgs when I start working out again.

3. How long have you been overweight?

I was sick as a child and my family thought they needed to build back up my strength. I put on alot of weight when I got my licence, I used to ride my bike or walk everywhere.

4. Do you have someone(s)who are supporting your healthier lifestyle?

My loving SO is trying to be fitter also, he has just turned 30 and is feeling the middle age creeping up!

5. Have you had or ever considered having weight loss surgery?

A few times I have considered Lipo, mainly for spot reduction on my back and thighs - the two main areas I put on fat. If it was free I would do it.

6. Do you exercise or following an exercise plan and what do you do?

When life is good I do 3 hours of weights, 3 hours of yoga/pilates and 3 hours of cardio a week. I also ride my bike everywhere and dance/work probably 18 hours a week. Though Im not dancing the whole time. Yesterday I had a 6 hour shift but only was dancing for 3 hours, cos it was dead.

7. What diet plan are you currently following?

This is my problem area. I love my food too much, and have been uber-busy the last month so we have been eating take away every second day. Im trying to eat more fruit and veg, cos I feel better when I do. But I dont believe in dieting, cos you just put back on the weight when you stop. I eat what ever I want, but only half a serve if its naughty food. Somedays I skip lunch so Im starving by dinner time, and I tend to gorged then feel sick. Ive started carrying an apple and a museli bar during the day, incase im too busy to stop and eat.

8. If you feel comfortable please tell us your weight and size. (No one will judge you.)

Im about 80 kg, 180 cms (6foot) tall. I often get described as an Amazon, cos Im big built and muscly. Im about a size 14(aussie) atm, I was a 16 and I want to be between a 12 and a 14.


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